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Kavanaugh Post Script

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. Jonathan Swift.

From Amy Holmes


Every revolution needs a fashion statement. The Bolsheviks had red arm bands. Yasser Arafat popularized the keffiyeh. Antifa can’t leave their parents basements without black hoodies. Trump rallies are a crimson sea of MAGA hats. Now comes Kanye West’s new, “Blexit” (black exit) t-shirts for young, African Americans to loudly and proudly declare their dissent from the illiberal Left.

From Amy Holmes

America Divided: Trump a symptom, not the cause

Michael Barone -- political historian and principal author of the “Almanac of American Politics” -- discusses America's history of domestic battles, real and rhetorical, ahead of the 2018 American midterm elections.

From Urs Gehriger
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