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“There are many reasons for optimism”

Jordan Peterson, an admirer of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, is making the case for individualism rooted in responsibility. He is urging people to improve the world by putting their own house in order.

By Kirsten Haglund

Journey to the Dawn of Time

Will humans colonize Mars? Soon? Are we alone in the universe, or is there life beyond the stars? And where is the beginning of everything — that single, distant, infinitesimal point that propelled all of creation? Thomas Zurbuchen, Switzerland’s own son and America’s NASA research director, leads us across the Universe.

By Urs Gehriger

The #MeToo Tweet That Changed Everything

Alyssa Milano — actor, activist, mom, wife, force of nature — charts the future of #MeToo.

By Amy Holmes

“All is not lost”

Kim Jong Un’s calculus. Saudi Arabia’s bone saws. The return of Socialism. The indestructible optimism of African mothers. Famed British journalist and author Peter Hitchens surveys 2018, and explains why he believes the Cold War was “terrific”.

By Hanspeter Born and Urs Gehriger

My America

Trade with the USA is more important than ever for our economy. Now there's a historic chance of a free trade agreement.

By Michael Pieper

The American engine

The relationship between Switzerland and the USA has become so dynamic that it is beginning to eclipse the bilateral agreements in place with the EU. Now there's a chance of a free trade agreement.

By Beat Gygi

«You cannot trust Russia at all»

Hybrid warfare. Forced false statements of prisoners. A blockade to keep Ukraine out of world trade. Artem Rybchenko, Ambassador of Ukraine in Switzerland, comments on the latest conflict with Russia near the Sea of Azov.

By Urs Gehriger

«Trump is not capable»

Weekday nights Fox News Channel star, Tucker Carlson, can be found merrily berating hapless guests, grilling liberal pundits, and defending America’s working and middle classes. Puckish and pugilistic, the 49-year-old insists the Washington elites among whom he grew up despise America’s “normal people.” An ardent fan of Carlson who regularly tunes in to watch the hit cable gab fest is President Donald J. Trump. But as I learn in my interview with Carlson for the Swiss weekly DIE WELTWOCHE, the feelings are not entirely mutual.

by Urs Gehriger

«Unlimited Chinese expansionism»

Foreign Minister of Taiwan, Jaushieh Joseph Wu, speaks about: The status of Taiwan, relations with China, the rising tension in the South China Sea, US-sanctions against China, Peking’s actions to sideline Taiwan from the International Community and the upcoming referendum in Taiwan on November 24th.

By Joseph Wu

America Divided: Trump a symptom, not the cause

Michael Barone -- political historian and principal author of the “Almanac of American Politics” -- discusses America's history of domestic battles, real and rhetorical, ahead of the 2018 American midterm elections.

From Urs Gehriger

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Inside Washington

Amy Holmes auf CNNMoney Switzerland

Unsere Kolumnistin Amy Holmes auf CNNMoney Switzerland.

Hearts and Minds

A war is raging for America’s political future. From Twitter to Congress, it’s being waged on multiple, messy, cacophonous battle fronts by a melee of vying forces.

Von Amy Holmes

Dems Unplugged

Congress is back in session.

By Amy Holmes

Women’s March Madness

Get out your pink pussy hats and dust off your anti-Trump signs.

By Amy Holmes

When Jared Met MBS

For the past two years, White House advisor Jared Kushner and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman have been entwined in an intimate affair of the foreign policy mind.

By Amy Holmes

Trump’s China Détente

Saturday night in Buenos Aires, over grilled sirloin steak with red onions, goat ricotta and dates, paired with a 2014 Malbec red wine, President Trump and President Xi Jinping called a trade war truce. According to the South China Morning Post, the room burst into applause.

By Amy Holmes

Border Wars

Sunday afternoon, the “nonexistent” caravan crisis erupted into violent conflict on America’s southern border.

By Amy Holmes

Mr. Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor to the president and fiercely loyal Trump defender, insists her professional and personal lives have never been better.

By Amy Holmes

Becoming Michelle

Just in time for Christmas, Michelle Obama’s hotly anticipated, 400 page memoir “Becoming” arrives!

By Amy Holmes

Kavanaugh Post Script

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. Jonathan Swift.

From Amy Holmes


Every revolution needs a fashion statement. The Bolsheviks had red arm bands. Yasser Arafat popularized the keffiyeh.

By Amy Holmes
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