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When the Drones Come Marching In

While nuclear weapons have been preventing great powers from seriously fighting each other, drones have been working in the opposite direction. The effect of drones has been to help level the ground on which non-state and state belligerents fight each other. It is in this, above all, that their importance lies.

By Martin van Creveld

Cosa Negra

They deal with drugs and women, are considered "extremely brutal" and control their victims through voodoo. In Italy, the Nigerian mafia competes with the classic mafia, from where it spreads throughout Europe. The authorities were in the dark for a long time. Until they found the "Green Bible". Weltwoche has obtained a copy of this secret set of rules of the Nigerian MAPHITE and sketches the dimension of its potential for violence in Europe.

By Nicholas Farrell

A Climate of Closet Monsters

The claim that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are responsible for the current warming of the climate is scientifically insupportable because climate models are unreliable. Climate models are tools of the IPCC, the organization that for 25 years has been warning us more and more urgently that a thermal disaster will arrive by 2100. Many excellent scientists have disagreed with this in powerful works written to defuse the CO2 panic." But the choir of Armageddon sings seductively and few righteous believers seem willing to entertain disproofs. Disproofs exist. In this Op-Ed, you will find one.

By Patrick Frank

Bye-bye Ooorder!

John Bercow, loud speaker of the British House of Commons, handed in his resignation at the height of the Brexit battle. With his bossy nature, his rudeness, bullying, showboating, windbaggery he overstretched his office. For many conservatives his resignation was overdue.

By James Delingpole

Saving Lives with a Carpet Knife

Armed only with carpet knives, terrorists hijacked four planes perpetrating the most devastating attack in modern history. Tony Rinaudo of World Vision uses the same weapon, but he uses it to fight poverty and hunger. Known as the “Tree Whisperer,” the Australian explains how, with a sharp blade — and a little heavenly help —, he can make even the most barren regions of the world bloom and therefore help to slow down mass migration.

By Urs Gehriger

‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’

Prince Andrew is tangled up in the Epstein scandal. Prince Charles holds apocalyptic climate speeches. And Harry and Meghan took four private jets in eleven days after a summer of lecturing us about climate change. The Queen must surely wonder, as she prays each night, what on earth she has done to deserve such a useless shower of selfish show-offs.

By Julie Burchill

The Fall of Icarus

Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff is the only journalist who interviewed the secretive, and now dead, millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein while under house arrest. Sarnoff uncovers the predator’s global sex trafficking network and the powerful men and women he indulged and protected.

By Conchita Sarnoff

Trump and Merkel are “totally respectful” of each other

Richard Grenell, President Trump’s envoy to Berlin, speaks his mind much to the displeasure of Germany’s political elite. Establishment scribes have scorned the American ambassador as a "diplomatic total failure.” Incensed politicians have demanded his expulsion. Die Weltwoche meets the US Ambassador for a candid conversation about German sensitivity, weapons, friendship, and the chemistry between Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump.

By Henryk Broder and Urs Gehriger

Epstein’s Ghost: The Haunting of American Justice

A New York undercover police officer who has been to the downtown correctional facility where Jeffrey Epstein was found hanged Saturday morning is suspicious of the circumstances. The investigative journalist who originally broke the Epstein story open in 2010 for the Daily Beast is skeptical that the wealthy financier, confidante of world leaders, she met and interviewed would end his life before waging a vigorous battle in court.They tell Weltwoche that from their insider perspectives, the official version of Epstein’s demise raises many unanswered questions.

By Amy Holmes

The Future is Blond

Boris Johnson, the man they wrote off as a clown, has turned into a human dynamo. Unimpressed by the political class he brutally reshuffled Theresa May's cabinet. Watching Boris at work we can’t help thinking of Shakespeare: Prince Hal has transformed himself into Henry V.

By James Delingpole

Bitcoin's Second Spring Explained

Bitcoin is back! In a surprising surge, Bitcoin rallied from $3500 USD to over $10,000 USD in a just a few weeks. Meet one of the first, large-scale Bitcoin investors: Bart Stephens. The San Francisco-based entrepreneur runs the most prominent global venture capital firm specializing in crypto. In an exclusive interview with Die Weltwoche, he explains the 2019 Bitcoin whirlwind and what it portends.

By Florian Schwab

“Never forget who you are”

Tidjane Thiam has been successfully managing the big bank Credit Suisse for four years. His life is a fascinating story of colonialism, independence, civil war and achievement in a world full of prejudice. Here, he talks in detail for the first time about how this shaped him.

Von Roger Köppel
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Go Boris!

Anyone claiming to be able to pass expert judgement on Boris Johnson’s premiership at this early stage is talking absolute nonsense. Yes, I'm ready to be disappointed, but at the moment I'm optimistic. Boris Johnson, I believe, has the capacity to be Britain's greatest conservative prime minister since Margaret Thatcher.

By James Delingpole

One of us?

Prince Andrew once again haunts the Royal Family. If the Windsors turn out to have a paedophile in their ranks, the Queen will need to cast out her favourite son or face the mass scorn of her subjects.

By Julie Burchill

Wizard of Oz

Australia wins the gold medal of the longest economic expansion in the modern era. Elsewhere, this windfall might occasion unwise flights of Socialist fancy. Not down under. Recently, Australians re-elected conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The green elites were aghast. The Pentecostal Christian and unabashed supporter of Big Coal declared his stunning victory the triumph of “the quiet Australians.”

By Tom Switzer

The Man Behind the Moon

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and American heroes Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin taking their small step for man and giant leap for mankind. There was a third man on that mission. Forgotten in the shadow of the ecstasy and adulation, astronaut Michael Collins was orbiting solo around the moon while his shipmates planted a triumphant American flag on its surface. His mission: To bring them home safely.This is the story of "the loneliest man since Adam."

By Urs Gehriger

“Trump is too honest”

Has Donald Trump completely taken over the Republican party? Is he a true conservative? And what are his chances in the fight against the unchained Democrats? Matt Schlapp, head of the oldest conservative lobby group in the US, tells Die Weltwoche why the political renegade is exactly what America needs. Looking at the two dozen Democrat candidates Schlapp says: “They are all left” but, “They are mimicking Trump.”

By Urs Gehriger

Brexit with Boris?

Many episodes in Boris Johnson’s life seem to belong more properly in the pages of a comic novel. Early on, he realized how he could entertain his audience. A buffoon at times he has a brilliant mind. Now the role of his life is waiting: He might become Britain’s next Prime Minister to lead the country out of the EU. Is he up to the job?

By Andrew Gimson

Conniving Flip-Flopper

Boris Johnson’s duplicity over Brexit was visible time and again. It appears, his entire rationale for supporting Brexit was a power play. He saw it as his route to 10 Downing Street. If he wins the Conservative Party’s leadership contest, he’ll have been correct.

By Raheem Kassam

“We leave this world with an empty hand”

With a velvety smile Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spreads peace around the world. Rebels lay down weapons. Jihadists melt away. Who is the wise man from India who has captivated hundreds of millions and planted 81 million trees worldwide? A meeting that may lead on the path to happiness.

By Urs Gehriger

«That’s what I am on the world for»

Howey Ou is the only climate striker in China. In two phone calls with the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche Howey Ou talks for the first time in detail about her climate strike in Guilin, China, her motivation and why she is still the only one striking.

By Roman Zeller

«We’re seeing a creative destruction»

“The center has collapsed. The Populist Nationalist parties are, now, totally mainstream and legitimized,” says Steve Bannon about the new Europe after the EU elections. “The next phase... is to actually govern.” To do this successfully, Bannon argues that the top priority must be the economy and job growth. “That will give you the opportunity to take care of the migration.”

by Urs Gehriger

"Swiss citizens never settle for second best"

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns the people of Switzerland of grave security threat of Chinese companies such as Huawei. The “Chinese Communist party will know every piece of information that flows across those Chinese networks.” Asked about the Iranian people’s freedom movement, the Secretary tells DIE WELTWOCHE: “I am very confident that the entire world will behave differently than it did in 2009” when the “Green Movement” was crushed by Iranian security forces. Wrapping up a three-day extensive visit to Switzerland, Pompeo is strongly advocating a Free Trade Agreement with the Alpine republic. He calls it “a priority” and is “convinced” that the outcome “will benefit the both countries.”

By Urs Gehriger*

"Incestuous relationship"

American climatologist Patrick J. Michaels is among the most renowned critics of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In this interview, he is explaining why most scientists get the numbers wrong on climate change and what happens to those who refuse to join the apocalyptic gospel.

By Florian Schwab

“We are better off than anytime in history”

In an age of fear, The Atlantic Monthly journalist and prolific book author Gregg Easterbrook takes on doomsday theories and makes an unexpected case for optimism.

By Urs Gehriger

Big Tech’s Virtual Hammer

Is Big Tech big enough for free speech? Global social media platforms like Google and Facebook claim they’re valiantly protecting healthy public debate. Others see an insidiously toxic political agenda behind the emojis. Die Weltwoche investigates.

By Amy Holmes

Conservatives are Doomed

Yes, things really are starting to get that desperate and scary in UK politics right now. But Conservative MPs “think it's business as normal," Jacob Rees-Mogg tells me as he sips tea in his office above the Palace of Westminster.

By James Delingpole

Dana Rohrabacher Hashes Out the Politics of Pot

Conservative firebrand and anti-Communist warrior Dana Rohrabacher is lighting up a new political issue: marijuana. The former California congressman and Ronald Reagan speech writer is set to take center stage on Thursday at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. His mission: To sell the message of legalized pot.

By Urs Gehriger

The abuse has become systematic

All aspects of border control and security in America are deteriorating. The migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border will only get worse.

By Buck Sexton

Showdown at Sonnenberg

Suspended FIFA president Joseph Blatter wants to take legal action against his successor (Gianni Infantino) and football’s international governing body. What’s at stake? Honour and millions of dollars – with a dash of a human drama, for good measure.

By Philip Gut

“Europe has a false sense of security”

Peter S. Vincent, a former high-ranking civil servant at the United States Department of Homeland Security, warns that a million people become naturalised Europeans every year – without proper checks being carried out. He thinks that Schengen is full of holes and member states fail to disclose complete information to each other.

By Florian Schwab

Mueller’s Slap in the Face

The Foundational Theory of the Mueller Probe Was a Lie.

By Buck Sexton

Two Women on the Verge of a Party Takedown

American political superstars Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made political history last November. The two political neophytes trounced the establishment’s sure fire bets in long shot bids for national office. Big name talk show hosts, Madison Avenue glossies, hipster blogs, podcasts, pundits, and political gadflies are all clamoring for a piece of Omar and AOC’s indisputable, incandescent, irresistible charisma — along with entre to their social media empires. But can the power of new celebrity bend the Democratic Party? DIE WELTWOCHE pulls back the curtain to find out.

By Amy Holmes

Netanyahu’s Secret Weapon

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush and most prominently Donald Trump — John McLaughlin, one of the world’s most sought-after campaign pollsters, has helped them all achieve electoral victory. However, newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was so close to the margin of defeat that the Likud leader asked the American for an extraordinary, down to the wire, public intervention. — In his interview with DIE WELTWOCHE, McLaughlin reveals the twists and turns of the prime minister’s path to narrow, but ultimate victory. He compares the tactics of Netanyahu and Trump. And looking ahead to the 2020 US presidential elections, he says: “What's really interesting is that Democrats are taking majority unpopular positions.” He adds: “If they keep taking those positions, President Trump will get re-elected decisively.”

By Urs Gehriger

A load of hot air that costs the earth

From Richard Branson to the New York Times, everyone is toasting Climeworks, a start-up from the ETH. By 2025, the company aims to use its air filtration system to clean up one percent of the world’s CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuels. Its founders have an entrepreneurial approach – but their business model is based on a risky bet, at the taxpayers’ expense.

By Florian Schwab

Lori Lightfoot’s Wild Ride

America’s third largest city just made history. Lori Lightfoot — a black, gay woman — won a resounding victory to become mayor of Chicago. Democratic insider Christine Pelosi tells DIE WELTWOCHE that the political outsider faces a tough uphill battle against entrenched political forces in the most corrupt city in the United States. But as Reverend Jesse Jackson says, “people wanted change.”

By Amy Holmes

“There's a proper reawakening across Europe going on”

Europe is closely eyeing conservative shooting star Thierry Baudet who rose to victory in Dutch regional elections, last week. The hyper-photogenic millennial leader has been labelled by the media as the “dandy of the Right”. While Eurocrats in Brussels are anxiously abuzz, the suave 36-year-old is sanguine about the future.

By Urs Gehriger

Thatcher said to me in private: "We must leave the European Union"

Journalist and writer Charles Moore, author of the authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, discusses Brexit, Britishness, why Theresa May is a “very, very incompetent leader” and why the UK will not descend into chaos once it leaves the European Union – with or without a deal.

By Urs Gehriger

“There is a threat to the established party system.”

Not a day passes without new bets and raises in the high stakes of Brexit poker. In 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. Why is the British Parliament rebuffing the will of the people? Will UK leaders stage a second referendum? What would Brexit without a deal mean? Would there be chaos?DIE WELTWOCHE asks British writer, journalist, and Conservative Member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, to make sense of the latest scenes in the Brexit drama.

By Urs Gehriger

When the World Bank Needs to Lie

The World Bank seeks to help the poorest countries with cheap project credits. There is much pressure to lend and disburse. This negatively affects the efficiency of investments and their sustainability, particularly for countries where corruption is high and absorptive capacities weak.

By Ernst Lutz

The Breakthrough

For over 100 years, scientists struggled to find a way to help our natural human immune system fight cancer. Most considered it impossible. But that all changed with The Breakthrough. Do we finally understand cancer well enough to cure it? New York Times bestselling author Charles Graeber writes about his latest research.

By Charles Graeber

The real scandal in the USA

The report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is due any day. It’s already been telegraphed by former key officials that there was NO COLLUSION. As more evidence comes to light now, we see the entire “case” against President Trump was concocted by operatives in the Democratic party using their counterparts inside the highest positions of our government. Let’s look back at some facts our major media has ignored.

By Sidney Powell

The Menace of the Mullahs

A woman’s bold fight to unveil Iran

By Urs Gehriger

Hoaxers and their Media Fixers

The Strange Case of Jussie Smollett is just the latest and most infamous in a long string of anti-Trump hate crime hoaxes.

By Amy Holmes

Steve Forbes: Trump is indeed a billionaire.

Publishing magnate Steve Forbes tells the Swiss weekly DIE WELTWOCHE that being president of the United States has hurt, not helped Trump, financially. “People want to wait to see what his popularity is going to be before committing.”

By Urs Gehriger and Florian Schwab

British Robustness

As matters stand, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. After UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement was rejected by a historically unprecedented 230 vote margin in the House of Commons on 15 January 2019, the UK could well leave at the end of March with no deal. Who will suffer more in this scenario — Britain or the Eurozone?

By Andrew Lilico

“There are many reasons for optimism”

Jordan Peterson, an admirer of Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, is making the case for individualism rooted in responsibility. He is urging people to improve the world by putting their own house in order.

By Kirsten Haglund

Journey to the Dawn of Time

Will humans colonize Mars? Soon? Are we alone in the universe, or is there life beyond the stars? And where is the beginning of everything — that single, distant, infinitesimal point that propelled all of creation? Thomas Zurbuchen, Switzerland’s own son and America’s NASA research director, leads us across the Universe.

By Urs Gehriger

The #MeToo Tweet That Changed Everything

Alyssa Milano — actor, activist, mom, wife, force of nature — charts the future of #MeToo.

By Amy Holmes

“All is not lost”

Kim Jong Un’s calculus. Saudi Arabia’s bone saws. The return of Socialism. The indestructible optimism of African mothers. Famed British journalist and author Peter Hitchens surveys 2018, and explains why he believes the Cold War was “terrific”.

By Hanspeter Born and Urs Gehriger

My America

Trade with the USA is more important than ever for our economy. Now there's a historic chance of a free trade agreement.

By Michael Pieper

The American engine

The relationship between Switzerland and the USA has become so dynamic that it is beginning to eclipse the bilateral agreements in place with the EU. Now there's a chance of a free trade agreement.

By Beat Gygi

«You cannot trust Russia at all»

Hybrid warfare. Forced false statements of prisoners. A blockade to keep Ukraine out of world trade. Artem Rybchenko, Ambassador of Ukraine in Switzerland, comments on the latest conflict with Russia near the Sea of Azov.

By Urs Gehriger

«Trump is not capable»

Weekday nights Fox News Channel star, Tucker Carlson, can be found merrily berating hapless guests, grilling liberal pundits, and defending America’s working and middle classes. Puckish and pugilistic, the 49-year-old insists the Washington elites among whom he grew up despise America’s “normal people.” An ardent fan of Carlson who regularly tunes in to watch the hit cable gab fest is President Donald J. Trump. But as I learn in my interview with Carlson for the Swiss weekly DIE WELTWOCHE, the feelings are not entirely mutual.

by Urs Gehriger

«Unlimited Chinese expansionism»

Foreign Minister of Taiwan, Jaushieh Joseph Wu, speaks about: The status of Taiwan, relations with China, the rising tension in the South China Sea, US-sanctions against China, Peking’s actions to sideline Taiwan from the International Community and the upcoming referendum in Taiwan on November 24th.

By Joseph Wu

America Divided: Trump a symptom, not the cause

Michael Barone -- political historian and principal author of the “Almanac of American Politics” -- discusses America's history of domestic battles, real and rhetorical, ahead of the 2018 American midterm elections.

From Urs Gehriger

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Inside Washington

Amy Holmes auf CNNMoney Switzerland

Unsere Kolumnistin Amy Holmes auf CNNMoney Switzerland.

Uncle Joe

It’s official!

By Amy Holmes

Border Alert!

Stop the presses! President Trump appears to have been vindicated by arch rival, the New York Times.

By Amy Holmes

North Korea Shuffle

“Sometimes you have to walk,” President Trump told reporters, last week, after cutting short his Hanoi summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

By Amy Holmes

Hooray to Poliwood!

There’s an old DC joke that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.

By Amy Holmes

Trump’s Emergency

Last Friday, the Commander in Chief boldly proclaimed, “I, DONALD J. TRUMP, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution... hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States.”

By Amy Holmes

State of the Border

What a difference a State of the Union speech makes!

By Amy Holmes

State of the Democrats

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may be the official head of the Democratic Party and its fist.

By Amy Holmes

Half Capped

Off with their hats! Political trendsetters have newly decreed the iconic “Make America Great Again” Donald Trump baseball caps talismans of evil.

By Amy Holmes

Loose Lips

More bombshells hit the nation’s capital.

By Amy Holmes

Hearts and Minds

A war is raging for America’s political future. From Twitter to Congress, it’s being waged on multiple, messy, cacophonous battle fronts by a melee of vying forces.

Von Amy Holmes

Dems Unplugged

Congress is back in session.

By Amy Holmes

Women’s March Madness

Get out your pink pussy hats and dust off your anti-Trump signs.

By Amy Holmes

When Jared Met MBS

For the past two years, White House advisor Jared Kushner and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman have been entwined in an intimate affair of the foreign policy mind.

By Amy Holmes

Trump’s China Détente

Saturday night in Buenos Aires, over grilled sirloin steak with red onions, goat ricotta and dates, paired with a 2014 Malbec red wine, President Trump and President Xi Jinping called a trade war truce. According to the South China Morning Post, the room burst into applause.

By Amy Holmes

Border Wars

Sunday afternoon, the “nonexistent” caravan crisis erupted into violent conflict on America’s southern border.

By Amy Holmes

Mr. Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor to the president and fiercely loyal Trump defender, insists her professional and personal lives have never been better.

By Amy Holmes

Becoming Michelle

Just in time for Christmas, Michelle Obama’s hotly anticipated, 400 page memoir “Becoming” arrives!

By Amy Holmes

Kavanaugh Post Script

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. Jonathan Swift.

From Amy Holmes


Every revolution needs a fashion statement. The Bolsheviks had red arm bands. Yasser Arafat popularized the keffiyeh.

By Amy Holmes
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