“Trump allowed that to happen”

Barack Obama is “by far” the most dangerous person in America, declares Fox News Channel star, Tucker Carlson. In an exclusive interview with Die Weltwoche, the number one talk show host warns that the political Left is more powerful and more aggressively anti-American than ever before. He says that Donald J. Trump let this happen by allowing his enemies “to coalesce, to organize” and to change the voting system. He calls Republicans “mediocre, fearful people who are too afraid to stand up for the country”. And he questions if the MAGA maestro has what it takes for a 2024 comeback.

Tucker Carlson is the undisputed number one talk show host on cable news. Nearly three million viewers tune in every night to watch the Fox News star flay the political Left. With his motto, “Unfiltered. Unafraid. Unstoppable,” Carlson delivers a blend of bombast, humor, insider intrigue, and outsider rage. 

For his two new shows for FOX news Media’s streaming platform FOX Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” and “Tucker Carlson Originals,” Carlson gets out from behind his studio desk and ventures into the proverbial heartland. Carlson tells DWW that Democrats and their allies in the media have jettisoned voter concerns in favor of woke, pet parochial ideology. “[Voters] care about inflation. They're worried about the economy. They think the schools are terrible, crime is rising, and the border is open.”

As the 52-year-old surveys the political landscape, he sees a country disfigured by “The Resistance” that sprang up to smother Donald J. Trump’s ascension. Carlson tells DWW, “There's no question that Trump inflamed his enemies.” But worse, “He's allowed them to coalesce, to organize. He made them self-consciously his opponents, and then he didn't neutralize them.” One consequence: a presidential election Carlson believes was unfair. In Carlson’s view, Trump’s enemies changed the rules and norms of political warfare — and “Trump allowed that to happen.” 

While some of his on-air colleagues at Fox have sworn allegiance to the former president, Carlson keeps a cool distance. Back in 2018, Carlson made headlines when he told Die Weltwoche, that “Trump is not capable.” 

Carlson now questions if the MAGA maestro has what it takes for a 2024 comeback. He tells DWW, “The most important quality in a presidential candidate is desire. You have to really want it. I don't know if he does or not.”

Meanwhile, back in the Swamp, Carlson’s critics are lashing out at the television news star with the big ratings. Only last week, Carlson discovered that the National Security Agency has allegedly been spying on and illegally leaking his emails to rival journalists. We speak to Carlson by phone.


Weltwoche: Tucker, do you plan to take legal action to get to the bottom of the NSA’s spying and leaking and punish them?

Carlson: I wish I had subpoena power. I wish I had some sort of legal power to compel them to answer basic questions about what they did and force them to disclose why they did it. But I don't. All I can do is talk about it. That's the only power I have — the power of talking which has its limits, unfortunately. I'm certainly going to try.

The truth is I don't really have anything to hide. I'm not ashamed of wanting to interview Vladimir Putin. I don't consider Putin a dire enemy of the United States. That's my opinion. As an American, I can have it. I think the hysteria around Putin is ludicrous. It's embarrassing. It's clearly a diversion. Convince Americans that Russia is the real threat and maybe they won't notice that China is taking over the country. Obviously, that's what's going on.

It's not really about me. They can't hurt me by reading my emails. I'm not ashamed of anything I've said or anything I've done. They can certainly intimidate their opponents by doing that.

One other point: You can't live in a country where your own intelligence services are spying domestically and then threatening opponents of the regime. That's Africa. We can't have that. I think it's important to stop it. I'm going to put as much pressure as I can on lawmakers to do something about it.

Weltwoche: In 2016, Americans elected Donald Trump to preserve freedom and prosperity against the political ruling class, but four years later, that very class is emboldened. Did Donald Trump turbocharge the very forces that he was elected to oppose?

Carlson: There's no question that Trump inflamed his enemies. He's allowed them to coalesce, to organize. He made them self-consciously his opponents, and then he didn't neutralize them. Now you could say, well, he couldn't neutralize them. I'm sure there are reasons for that. But the fact remains they're stronger than they were when he became president — more radical and more ruthless, more disconnected from democratic norms and from American cultural traditions, from America itself.

The Democratic Party is aggressively anti-American, openly anti-American in a way that it's never been ever. I'm not blaming Trump for that, but the fact remains they are more powerful and more radical now than they were in 2016 by a lot.

Weltwoche: Do you believe that Trump's constant claim that the election was stolen is harmful? Does it undermine Americans’ trust in elections and fracture the country?

Carlson: I think most people who look at the numbers understand they don't make sense. They don't add up. That's true. I think most people understand that it was not a fair election. They changed the system. Trump allowed that to happen, by the way. Mail-in voting is an invitation to fraud. There was no justification for it. I think an awful lot of people who are not crazy and who believe in our system think the last election was illegitimate. It doesn't make them bad people.

By the way, if you think it was legitimate, explain how. Google blocks Trump's campaign fundraising emails from Gmail in the final weeks of the campaign. The tech companies shut down anti-Biden news stories. Tell me how that's a fair election. That's not a fair election. It’s an unfair election. The fact that they become hysterical when you say that suggests this's entirely true. Of course, it is true.

I'll tell you what. Do you think it was counterproductive claiming that the voting machines were rigged and not proving it? Yes, that was counterproductive.

Weltwoche: A Quinnipiac University poll just found that two thirds of GOP voters want to see Trump take another crack at the presidency in '24. Do you think Trump should run again? Would you personally like to see that? Would it be good for the country?

Carlson: I don't know. We're a long way. We're three and a half years away. I haven't talked to him about it. I don't know if he wants to run. I will say that the most important quality in a presidential candidate is desire. You have to really want it. I don't know if he does or not.

Weltwoche: There are many qualities that go into a Republican candidacy for president. You have to be conservative to the core, eloquent. You have to have a connection to the people. You have to be popular. You, Tucker, have all that, more than almost anyone else. Would you consider that challenge and run for president?

Carlson: If God himself told me to do it, of course, I would do anything, including strip naked on the National Mall and walk. No. I'm not a politician. That's not my skill set. I make TV shows. I've done it for decades, and I enjoy it. In general, I think you should stick to what you're good at, and that's what I'm good at. It's like you always used to hear actors say, "What I really want to do is direct." No, you're an actor, so maybe you should keep acting. I'm a talk show host. I'm going to make talk shows.

Weltwoche: For your new shows ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ and ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’, you escape your studio and take the pulse of the people across the nation. When you are in the field, what is the number one issue for people in the heartland of America these days?

Carlson: They don't think the government represents them. The promise of America is that it's a democratic republic. It's a democratic form of government. It's a democracy. That means that the people own the government and that its representatives serve them and are supposed to be responsive to their concerns. They're not at all. If you just look at the polling numbers, if you ask people, “What do you care about?” Well, they care about inflation. They're worried about the economy. They think the schools are terrible, crime is rising, and the border is open.

What do our leaders tell us is important? Racism, transgender rights, slavery, which ended more than 150 years ago. There's no connection between what they're telling us is important and what most people think is important. That's a problem.

Weltwoche: Six months into the Biden presidency, the country's riddled with crises. You mentioned the chaos at the border, violence in US cities is spiking up. Who is really in charge in the Oval Office? Is Vice President Kamala Harris running the show?

Carlson: Strictly speaking, I don't know the answer. My sense is that Kamala Harris is too incompetent to be in charge of anything. I just don't think she's impressive. I don't think she's smart. I think Barack Obama, Susan Rice. I think this is the third Obama term. This is the radical administration he wishes he had. Biden was always liberal but not radical. This administration is radical, and I think it's pretty clear that Biden is not in charge of it.

Weltwoche: Who do you consider the most dangerous person in American politics or in popular culture today?

Carlson: Barack Obama.

Weltwoche: How does he have influence?

Tucker: He has cultural influence. He has some enormous contract with Netflix, creative contract with Netflix. Barack Obama has never created anything. He's a figure at Netflix, but he has more power in the Democratic Party than any other figure, including Joe Biden. And he's radical.

He's driven by his hatred, his resentment toward America and the population. He's race obsessed. He sees everything through the lens of race. He's a liar, not straightforward about his views or his aims. So, yes, by far: Obama. Obama is the opposite of Trump. Trump sounded scary but was effectively a moderate. Obama sounds very reassuring and calming, but he is absolutely a radical.

Weltwoche: Left-liberals bang on about January 6th, the so-called “insurrection.” The fact is that the only person who died on that day was an Air Force veteran by the name of Ashli Babbitt. She died at the hand of a US Capitol officer, and that officer has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. His name has never been revealed. How can that be in America that his name is kept secret to this day? Do you think we would know his name if he killed a BLM protester?

Carlson: It almost, to me, doesn't matter the politics or the person he killed. The fact is he shot to death an unarmed woman who posed no physical threat to him or anyone else. Maybe there was a good reason for that? Maybe there wasn't? But they refuse to tell us who he is. Can you anonymously kill your own citizens? That's allowed now?

Shame on Republicans and the leadership of Mitch McConnell for not doing something about that — people with such powers. They were afraid because they knew that the mob on January 6th was angry at them, Republicans. One of the protesters was shot dead, and they're hiding the identity of the guy who did it. It's disgusting. You can just kill people and just move on? How is that different from Tiananmen Square?

Weltwoche: You mention Mitch McConnell, minority leader in the Senate, who is not showing leadership, as you say. Who is leading the GOP now? I don't see who is in charge. Do you? 

Carlson: I don't see it either. I think you have a lot of mediocre, fearful people who are too afraid to stand up for the country and for their voters and for what's right. It's a tragedy. There's no one defending half the country. Joe Biden has declared that half the country are domestic terrorists, and no one's standing up to them.

Weltwoche: Are potential party leaders scared to take the lead because Trump is still around? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis beat Trump at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, recently. Then, he wasn't mentioned by Trump in his speech in Sarasota. Is there a danger that, if you getting too close to the king, you are pushed to the side? Are Republicans afraid of Trump?

Carlson: I don't know. My sense is, though, if you're in a position of authority, you have a duty to do what's right. It's a moral duty. You're one in a million people who actually has power. You are required. It is an obligation to do the right thing, period, no matter what Trump or anyone else or MSNBC thinks of it. They're not doing their duty. I think that's contemptible.

Weltwoche: Do you think that the tribalism we're seeing in America is reversible? Do you think America is transforming politically in ways that are permanent?

Carlson: I hope not. I think if you keep telling people that they're defined by their race, that they should be more loyal to their racial group than they are to the country, if they believe you, you can't have a multiracial democracy under those circumstances. People have to identify first and foremost as citizens of the country, not as members of a tribe. You change that then you're done. I really hope that we haven't changed that.

Weltwoche: Just days before the 2020 election, you dug deep into the Hunter Biden laptop story, delivering documents with strong evidence of nepotism and corruption. The MSM all ignored it. Will you come back with more on this? There seems to be a trove of evidence. 

Carlson: Well, I just determined it's all Russian disinformation... What I'd like to work on are the intel agency leaders who signed a letter in October of 2020 claiming that that laptop was Russian disinformation. I’d have them called before Congress to explain how they reached that conclusion. It wasn't Russian disinformation. That was Hunter Biden's laptop that the information on. That is conclusive, flat out. It was not concocted by Russia. That's a lie. The fact that the leaders of our so-called “intel community” said that? Talk about rigging the election. That is rigging the election right there.

When somebody who was the former head of the CIA claims that he's got secret intelligence that his candidate is innocent, and he's lying about it: that's rigging the election. That's outrageous. Look, Joe Biden's whole family's living off of Joe Biden's political connections — his brother, his son, others — and he knew about it. Nobody in the media seems to care, but it was true.

Weltwoche: Hunter Biden has a tragic biography with all of his addictions. Do you have any sympathy for him as a person?

Carlson: I have profound sympathy for him. I have deep sympathy for him. I know him, personally, well. And I always liked him. I have sympathy for anybody who is in that position.

I have sympathy for people who can't live up to their father's career. I have sympathy for people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. I don't drink anymore. I have deep sympathy. I've talked to him about that. Yes, I have deep sympathy for Hunter. I don't hate Hunter Biden at all. I've always felt sorry for him. The people I despise are the liars who prevented voters from knowing the truth which is Joe Biden changed American foreign policy to benefit his son. That's not allowed. You can't do that.

It's not about Hunter's drug addiction or how many hookers he likes. It's the fact that Joe Biden, as vice president, changed America's foreign policy so his son could make a living. I think that's disgusting.

Weltwoche: Do you have any special advice for him? You successfully quit drinking. Is there something that you could tell him about how to get a grip on his life?

Carlson: It's very hard. Hunter is, I think, drinking again, now. I just heard that last week from someone who knows him. It is sad. There are two kinds of sober people. People who really enjoy being sober and people who are desperate to get loaded again. I'm sure you've seen people like this who stop drinking, but they can't relax. They just want to drink. He was always like that. I don't know what the cure is for that. Rehab doesn't help people like that. I don't know what the answer is. They usually die of it. They almost always die of it.

I just happened to be in the other category just through luck, I think, where I quit drinking, and I immediately felt better. I've been grateful for 19 years that I don't drink. Hunter's not like that. He's what we call a “white knuckle” recovery person. He's never happy, and so he's loaded. That's just sad as hell.


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