Democrats’ Bad Trouble

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to be crystal clear. Contrary to appearances, she and her fellow Democratic leaders in the United States House of Representatives did not rebuke Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, last week, when they issued a public statement condemning the Minnesota Democrat’s latest attack on the U.S. and Israel which they warned potentially “foments prejudice.” Appearing on CNN's Sunday political gabfest, “State of the Union,” Pelosi assured viewers that Omar is a “valued member of our caucus.” Democrats are, in fact, thankful to Omar for clarifying her June 7th tweet accusing the U.S. and Israel of committing “unthinkable atrocities” and “crimes against humanity” and comparing the two allies to Hamas and the Taliban. After lashing out at critics in her party as “shameful” – most prominently twelve, Jewish House Democrats – Omar insists that she was “in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries” in her tweet equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries.

Hamas, for its part, is unconvinced. Over the weekend, the Gazan gangsters issued their own objection that Omar “treated the resistance of the Palestinian people, the Israeli crimes in Palestine, and the U.S. aggression in Afghanistan as an equal footing.” Complicating the Democratic Party’s response to Omar’s provocations are the many liberal Democrats inclined to agree. Gallup reports that “liberal Democrats have fully crossed the threshold” in sympathizing with the Palestinians over the Israelis. Pelosi may hope the latest flap is over, “end of subject.” But as Omar often says, she likes to, in her words, “make good trouble.”


"Abonnieren Sie die Weltwoche und bilden Sie sich weiter"

Alex Baur, Redaktor


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