“There will be war”

Steve Bannon is back. And he has the Biden Clan squarely in his sights. In an exclusive interview with Die Weltwoche, the 66-year-old war room veteran reveals his pivotal role in exposing Hunter Biden’s stash of potentially incriminating electronic messages. He explains how former Vice President Joe Biden is far from the bumbling bystander to his son’s corrupt schemes. Bannon alleges the pater familia is the inspiration and calculating beneficiary. Undeterred by his own looming federal court case on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, Bannon tells Die Weltwoche,“Nothing is going to stop me from being a fire-breathing populist.”

"Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad." Last week, the New York Post blasted across its front page breathtaking allegations of influence peddling by the son of Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden. The tabloid had copies of emails, text messages, and intimate photos potentially incriminating the second son and grasping father.
Social media giants and self appointed gatekeepers Twitter and Facebook swiftly censored the New York Post’s revelations while the mainstream media denounced colleagues for even making mention.
Behind the furor is none other than professional provocateur Steve Bannon who was the first to alert the Gotham tab to the political treasure trove.
All of this comes as Bannon, himself, faces legal jeopardy. Trump’s former consigliere was arrested in a dramatic raid on an associate’s super yacht off of the coast of Connecticut, last August. Federal prosecutors allege that he and three colleagues illegally pilfered funds from a non-profit campaign to build a wall along the United States southern border. The government alleges that Bannon diverted “over $1 million from the … online campaign, at least some of which he used to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses.” Bannon vehemently denies the allegations.Die Weltwoche, which sponsored Bannon’s first public speech in Europe in 2018 which drew an audience in the thousands, talks to him, now, as he awaits trial. In a phone interview from New York City, Bannon warns that the upcoming U.S. elections on November 3rd could potentially spark ugly and violent street battles.

Weltwoche: When did you first learn of the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco?

Bannon: I've talked to theNew York Post probably mid to end of September. So, they just started to do their due diligence.

Weltwoche: When did you first see the material from the hard drive?

Bannon: The guys, Rudy [President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani] and Bob Costello [Giuliani’s lawyer] had it. Probably mid to late August, I was brought in. I was brought in, specifically, to look at the Chinese piece of it, the involvement of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party.] Then, I worked with Rudy about how this information should be released.

Weltwoche: Was it immediately clear to you that those documents were authentic?

Bannon: Yes, it was immediately clear to me that this was a guy's hard drive, and we had the details of stunningly deep financial relationships with the Chinese Communist Party. Plus, the photographic evidence was overwhelming. There are 25,000 images on this.

Weltwoche: How can you be certain that they are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign?

Bannon: That's been just the fallacy here, that this whole thing has been about Russia and all that. Just nonsense. This is a hard drive that Rupert Murdoch's team at the New York Post did substantial due diligence. You notice the Biden campaign hasn't denied one of the emails or text messages or any of the photographic information that's come out.
That's just all nonsense. He [Hunter Biden] left a hard drive. The hard drive was turned over to the FBI. We got a copy of it, and that's what it was. We also have correspondence from his lawyers trying to get the hard drive back when we started releasing stuff last week. So, they know it's a hard drive.

Weltwoche: The question here is why does this material only come out now? Isn’t it too late in the campaign with only a few days to the elections?

Bannon: I think this is when a lot of people start to really pay attention to who they're going to vote for. In an American election, it's always the last two months where a substantial group of people finally make their decision. This is not so much persuasion. It's about turnout.

Bannon: The people in the country just need to know this: Biden's whole program is recoupling with China and a recoupling with the CCP. They totally reverse all of Trump's policies confrontating the Chinese Communist Party. This is the central thing that I’ve been preaching, now, for years. The Chinese Communist Party must be broken. The first way you break them is decoupling.

Weltwoche: Do you believe Trump can win this election?

Bannon: I believe strongly that Trump's going to win. Even if Trump were to lose, we've boxed in Biden. Quite frankly, I think we're going to destroy the possibility that any of his advisors, even the advisor on China, can get confirmed by the Senate. The first question people will want to know is, "What did you know, and when did you know it?”

Biden had relationships with Chinese Communist Party-controlled companies. Remember, China Energy and China Energy Funding Corporation is one of the most controversial companies in China. It's run by bad guys. In fact, the chairman, Ye Jianming, was taken into custody by the Chinese. He hasn't been seen in years. Most people at the high level will tell you that they think he's already been executed by Chinese Communist Party because he knew too much. He was too corrupt.

Patrick Ho is the vice chairman. He was the signatory on the engagement letters in the joint venture agreements. He's been in federal prison and then was extradited to Hong Kong where he's in jail.

These are the corrupt lawbreakers who are in business with the Bidens. Remember, also, Joe Biden stood on the debate stage three weeks ago with Trump and denied having any financial involvement in any of these companies. So, he's consistently lied to the American people.

Weltwoche: The story is not covered by the mainstream media.

Bannon: Yes, it's outrageous. This shows you how afraid they are. Biden called off the campaign and went back to Delaware. It shows you how petrified they are of this information. Facebook and Twitter are running interference. They don't want to talk about it. The thing with Russia is nonsense, and they're hiding.

I believe that the president is going to call Christopher Ray, the director of the FBI, to the White House very quickly and demand an explanation of exactly why this hard drive was in the possession of the FBI in November and December of 2019, and why it was not acted upon. If Ray had come forward in December of '19 when he got this, two things would've happened. Number one, there would've been no impeachment. The information on here with Ukraine that would have totally obviated the need for an impeachment. With no impeachment of Donald Trump, we could've focused on the pandemic, right?

Number two, Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee for president.

The reality is Joe Biden's been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. He could not get a security clearance, right now. People have not seen the bad stuff. The really shocking evidence is about to come forward.

Weltwoche: What else is on the hard drive? I hear it's shockingly pornographic.

Bannon: Let's just say this. It's a level of depravity that I think people will be stunned about.

Weltwoche: You came to Switzerland, two years ago, on the invitation of this magazine and held your first public speech in Europe. The interest, at the time, was overwhelming. An enormous crowd attended the event. People in Europe and across the world who have followed your work have been taken by surprise and disappointed by your arrest. The allegations from federal prosecutors are substantial. They claim that you diverted “over $1 million” from a non-profit online campaign “at least some of which” was used “to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses.”

Bannon: Let me be brutally frank. The federal prosecutors did one thing. They tried to shut me up, politically. I'm not a conspiracy theory guy. But they are no coincidences. They delivered that indictment four years to the day, almost, that I took over the campaign. They are absolutely, completely focused on keeping me away.

Weltwoche: Did you plan to join the Trump election campaign again? Was that your intention?

Bannon: No, no. There's no need for me to be on the campaign. The work I need to do is on the outside. My major focus has been on the Progressive Left’s focus on stealing the election after voting. It's all this, what's going to happen afterwards. That's what I've been working on for months and months because of my work on “War Room: Pandemic.”

Weltwoche: Can you confirm that you didn't take a single penny illegally from the non-profit online campaign?

Bannon: I didn't take a single penny. Not only didn't take a single penny, I ended up putting a lot of my own money in. Here's what they failed to put into the indictment. I didn't take any money at all. Not a penny. Not a cent. The Citizens of the American Republic, which is my populist nationalist organization, had a $1 million contract to provide services. Those services were everything from sponsoring conferences about how to build the wall to actually being the DC office and helping to manage the process of building the wall.
The ones in El Paso and on the Rio Grande are considered two of the best walls. I did a series of symposiums and conferences at the wall, and then did a national tour of battleground states going from Arizona to Michigan and bringing the border wall issue to the American people.

One was filmed by VICE TV. The other was filmed by Showtime's “The Circus.” And the third was filmed by the BBC. I did an incredible job with $1 million to pay my entire staff. I ended up putting money in. They did not ever look that I had a $1 million contract to provide services. It seems outrageous. Look, [Attorney General] Bill Barr said at Hillsdale College, a week afterwards, that you’ve got young U.S. attorneys that are headhunters. Going out to try to headhunt Trump's political allies.

Here's where they screwed up. They thought they were going to knock me out of this. They didn't realize I was already working on it. When they came, I was already working on this. I wasn't going to slow down. Look what I've done. Nothing is going to stop me from being a fire-breathing populist and taking the message of populism and economic nationalism all throughout the world. I've got a bigger platform, more resources. This hard drive and how we're weaponizing it is central to this election.

Weltwoche: President Trump denounced your wall project. He said, “I know nothing about the project other than I didn't like when I read about it. I didn't like it." What do you say?

Bannon: Trump publicly endorsed the wall project ten times. Ten times he endorsed it.

Weltwoche: When you were arrested, he said, "I thought that was a project that was being done for showboating reasons."

Bannon: Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle came to the wall at our symposium. It's nonsense.

Weltwoche: Why did the president distance himself from you so clearly?

Bannon: Look, I couldn’t care less. It's very simple. I'm not Trump's personal friend. I never have been. I don't claim to be that. I'm his number one supporter of his movement and what he stands for. I've done more work than anybody. Whereas, the campaign and Brad Parscale and others associated with the campaign basically pissed away $200 million. I have put my shoulder to the wheel to make sure that Donald J. Trump is reelected. And he will be reelected.

Weltwoche: The polls don’t look good. Some have Biden ahead by double digits.

Bannon: Don't get me wrong. It's very tough. I'm not saying it's not tough. It's going to be very tough. But on game day, Trump will have a bigger turnout of people who actually show up to vote on the day of voting.

Weltwoche: Every vote counts. That's what you're saying?

Bannon: It's tightening every day. Biden is off the campaign trail. Trump is now doing multiple rallies a day and galvanizing his base. All of it, it's all about one thing. It's all about turnout. There could be as many as 150 million votes. It's all about turnout, and it's all about low propensity voters. This is how we want him to succeed. We have to get the low propensity voters.

Weltwoche: Your close colleague and former co-host of the “War Room,” Jason Miller, is the senior advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign. What do you hear from him?

Bannon: No, three of my people in the “War Room” went in. Jason Miller, my co-hosts, also, Greg Manz [communications director for the Trump 2020 campaign], and Steve Cortes [senior advisor]. I have three of the “War Room” personnel on the campaign.

Weltwoche: What do you hear from them about the state of the race? What does the internal polling say?

Bannon: It's tightening. It's going to be very close. You're going to have tight races in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. I think Ohio is in good shape. Arizona.

This is the hard part. It's going to be a tight race as it stands right, now, two weeks out.

Weltwoche: Four years ago, you were running the campaign together with Kellyanne Conway…

Bannon: I was heading the campaign. She was the pollster.

Weltwoche: What does Trump have to do now? Where does he have to go?

Bannon: It's very simple. It's all about turnout. This election will come down to low propensity voters — voters who very rarely vote. It's going to come down to who can turn out. It's all ground data. Advertising doesn't mean anything. Nothing. It's all about ground data. Turning out your people. That's why this controversy over Biden being compromised and selling out working class people to the Chinese Communist Party is so electric, and why people are focused on it so much. They know they can't hide in the back of the Russia nonsense, right?

Weltwoche: In September, you launched the national tour, “The Plot To Steal 2020.” This sounds exactly like what Democrats said about Trump in 2016 — that he stole the election. How do you see the Democrats stealing the election from Trump?

Bannon: No, it's totally different. I noticed early on that the mainstream media had traumatized the Democratic Party so much they weren't going to vote. They were voting by mail. Well, it turns out that up to 30% of those votes are uncertifiable.

The Democrats have a huge problem. They had 50 or 60 million requests to vote by mail, but a bunch of those can't be certified. Trump, now, is having a 22-point lead on people who are going to vote on Election Day. The Democrats, therefore, have to see how to steal it after that. They've come up with a mechanism. That's why there are 200 lawsuits.

The Democrats have gone to court to try to extend it out. They call it, “Election Season.” They call it, “Election Month.” They don't want to have an Election Day. In fact, they're saying “Election Night” is a dangerous concept.

This is why social media, Twitter and Facebook, for months have been saying they’renot going to declare a winner, and they’re not going to allow anybody to advertise, that announces any victory on Election Day. That's going to suppress the Trump momentum. This is why this thing with the New York Post story being censored by Twitter and Facebook is so important. Because if they win this fight, and are able to suppress the information, Facebook and Twitter are going to control the election.

This is the most dangerous time in American political history, except for the Civil War, because, now, you have the oligarchs in Silicon Valley with the financial guys on Wall Street trying to suppress Populist voting.

Weltwoche: You don't expect election results will be clear on November the 3rd?

Bannon: No, Donald Trump is going to declare victory on the night of the election. If Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are coming in, they're going to come in. He's going to declare victory and dare the Democrats to try to have shenanigans. Remember, the fight is not going to be in the streets. The fight is going to be in the counting rooms. All of those ballots have to be certified.

The Democrats ran primaries in June with Democratic candidates, Democratic election officials, and in woke Brooklyn, 30% of the ballots were uncertified or uncertifiable. You had 20% of Manhattan that weren't certifiable. Two weeks ago, thousands of ballots were rejected in Michigan. Your audience should be 100% focused on all these mail-in ballots. That's where the fight's going to be.

Weltwoche: How can Trump declare victory if all of these votes are not counted?

Bannon: Because you're going to highlight exactly what were counted. If the vote can't be certified, it doesn't count. You're not going to let them steal it. You're not going to let them steal by continuing to count and count and count until they get enough votes for Biden to win. There will be war inside of these ballot counting rooms, inside these ballot certification rooms. That's what Trump's going to say. "Hey, we won on Election Day. We're not prepared to allow Democrats to get into these counting rooms and start to just count uncertifiable ballots." Now, I believe any ballot that's certifiable has to count. That's a vote. But if it can't be certified, it gets thrown out.

Weltwoche: Do you see tensions building up, possible fights in the streets, in the days after the elections?

Bannon: Absolutely. Antifa attacked Trump supporters the other day in San Francisco. Look at Portland.

They're going to start in Washington, D.C., as we get closer to Election Day. Absolutely. Antifa has already bragged about how they're going to lay siege to Washington. They're all over social media. This is not me saying it. This is those guys saying it.

The tensions in United States are high and getting higher. I've never seen so much intensity.



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