God Save the Queen! From Harry and Meghan

Piers Morgan — celebrity journalist, British television personality, and scourge of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — minces no words expressing his contempt for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He tells Die Weltwoche that the American actress, whom he once knew, is cynically exploiting the royal family for fortune and fame.

Anyone who had read or watched star television host and table pounding British columnist Piers Morgan over the past two years knew his reaction to Harry and Meghan’s January 8th Instagram bombshell — that they were stepping back from royal duties — was going to be cantankerous. What the celeb scribe delivered the next day in the Daily Mail was not so much a reaction as a mushroom cloud of volcanic rage.

“Who the f**k do they think they are?
“I've seen some disgraceful royal antics in my time, but for pure arrogance, entitlement, greed, and willful disrespect, nothing has ever quite matched the behavior of the 'Duke and Duchess of Sussex.'”

And that was just the opening.

Morgan went on to thrash the royal couple as “deluded clowns,” saving the brass knuckles for Meghan, his former Hollywood pal whom he now loathes. In his bitter telling, the ambitious American soap opera “D-list” actress slyly cultivated his friendship as she slithered up the greasy pole of stardom. The miraculous moment she found it with Harry, the morning chat show host was, as he puts it in his Daily Mail column, “discarded faster than a piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of her Louboutin heels.”

Morgan, a father of four, is an impassioned defender of Meghan’s discarded father, Thomas Markle, whom he’s interviewed multiple times. Morgan accuses Harry and Meghan of being “heartless” and caring more for strangers than their own family.

Last week, in the middle of the royal maelstrom, I reached out to Morgan (I was a regular guest on his Obama-era CNN show, “Piers Morgan Live”) for his scorchingly candid view of the palace crisis.

When I ask him in our phone interview about Meghan’s maneuverings, the Brit is brutal. “She’s used Prince Harry and the royal family to get that status, and now she wants to maximize her earning power from that and be the royal version of Jay-Z and Beyonce.” He tells me, “Meghan Markle has careered into the royal family, been here less than two years and is already bailing and wants to use her access to the royal family to be a global star making millions of dollars.” 

Morgan is well acquainted with global stardom, including his own. He had his first international taste as the victor of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” hit reality show. Morgan now stands astride the UK media as one of Britain’s most well known, prolific, and provocative media personalities. His ITV show, “Good Morning Britain,” is a ratings smash, and his furious screeds and breakfast news brawls routinely grab headlines.

The 54-year-old Sussex native insists that the glitzy fame he believes the duchess craves is an affront to her royal in-laws. “Americans,” he says, “see this in a very kind of simplistic way. They view the royals as stars, and they don’t really understand that there’s a deal in Britain where if you’re a highly privileged, wealthy member of the royal family, you get all of the servants, you get all of the first class travel, you get all of the security. But,” Morgan adds, “in return, you have to do your duty, and that involves three hundred, four hundred appearances a year, up and down the country, sometimes in very remote places, to open community halls, churches, and things like that. It can be very repetitive and quite dull at times. But that is the deal. That is the contract.”

After ten days of allegedly calm family negotiations, Harry and Meghan have agreed to nullify that contract. Beginning in the spring, they will no longer perform royal functions, represent the Queen, or use their royal titles. Morgan approves. Upon hearing the news, the Twitter maestro sent out a triumphant cheer: “The Queen’s told Megan/Harry to sling their part-time royal hook. Well done, Your Majesty - right decision.” Better yet, “On a positive note, this spells the death on arrival of Meghan & Harry’s plan for a ‘progressive’ new Monarchy. So they thankfully won’t be ‘woking’ the Windsors after all.” As Morgan points out to me, “The Queen is beloved because she stays out of politics. She stays completely neutral, and she does her duty. She works unbelievable hard. She never complains. She never explains. And that is why people respect and love her.”

What does the veteran newsman predict is next for the newly liberated nobles? He believes Canada is merely a temporary holding bay as Los Angeles-native Meghan plots her triumphant return as a freshly minted A-list star. “I’ve always felt that she gets right back there the moment she got bored with normal duties.”

And of Harry who, in a goodbye speech over the weekend, expressed his sadness that “it had come to this”? Morgan is unsparing. He sees a “miserable-looking, virtue-signaling, laughing stock.”

The Duke and Duchess may hope that leaving the royal front lines will, in Harry’s words, lead to “a more peaceful life.” But sharp eyed and sharp tongued news hounds, like the indefatigable and incensed Morgan, promise to keep sniffing at their royal heels.


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