Harry and Meghan Troll Trump

President Donald Trump has an uncanny grip on the collective conscious. Even across the pond in the midst of a messy Royal meltdown, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (soon to be Harry and Meghan Windsor) cannot resist invoking the Orange One. Reportedly, the desperate ducal duo long to relocate to the pacific paradise of Los Angeles, California — but only after the dreaded Trump is no longer in office.

Piers Morgan — ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” host, energetic Trump defender, and bane of Meghan Markle — is unimpressed. He tells Inside Washington the former television soap opera star “is not the first American woman to come charging into the monarchy and cause huge upset.” He sniffs, “This latest story is clearly another political maneuver designed to make Meghan more appealing to the woke crowd in California who love her so much. But it won’t endear her to people who believe in the monarchy.”

As Morgan explains, “The whole point of the Royal Family is it’s supposed to be non-political.” By taking a crack at POTUS, the Royal pair are clumsily violating a steadfast boundary that has preserved the monarchy. The morning chat show star is convinced that Markle “doesn’t understand what duty is about.”

According to feverish press reports, the duchess is currently holed up in a borrowed mansion on Vancouver Island, Canada contemplating that question. Her prince is expected to join her and their newborn baby, Master Archie, this week.

In a plot twist that is vintage Trump, back during the heat of the 2016 presidential election, Markle promised that she would move to Canada if Trump were elected. Ironically, she has.


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