Biden is a Trojan Horse for the radical Left

Joe Biden will sell himself to American voters as a return to normalcy. But if he is able to take the presidency, the most extreme Democrat proposals will be top of his agenda, with dramatic consequences for America and the world.

America is in the midst of a brutal pandemic and what could be the beginning of a vicious cultural revolution. It would be easy to forget that the United States is also coming upon a presidential election that may be the most ferociously contested in living memory. There is the very real possibility that, despite being the incumbent, President Donald Trump will lose re-election. This will have implications far beyond U.S. borders that will undermine all those who value freedom, national sovereignty, and rule of law. 

At first glance to outsiders, Joe Biden would seem the classic machine politician. He had been a United States Senator for almost 40 years before becoming Vice President to Barack Obama for two full terms in 2008. Biden is as long-serving a member of the Democratic party as you could find today. As such, he could be considered among the most uninspired choices that anyone could come up with in American politics. 

Additionally, Biden has “lost a step,” as the saying goes. He is 77 years old, which is at the absolute upper limit of what any serious person could believe is a viable age for a future president. There is no shortage of gaffes and absurdities when he speaks in public. At times he misstates what office he is running for, or cites facts or figures that are absurdly incorrect. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Biden largely stays in the basement in Delaware, and when he does appear in public, tends to wear dark glasses and face mask, as though he were a celebrity hoping to remain anonymous.

So why would the Democrat Party- which has moved far to the Left of the political spectrum over the last 4 years- put forward this clearly too old, intellectually unimpressive man for the most powerful job in the world? How did a man who seems to forget where he is or what year we are in beat a large field field of younger, more charismatic Democrats who are much more aligned with the growing socialist ethos of their party? 

The simple answer is that Biden is a Trojan Horse for the far Left. The reason he won the Democrat primary over Senator Bernie Sanders- who was much closer to the zeitgeist of the party- is precisely because he is considered an establishment player. A Biden presidency, the argument goes, would be a “return to normal” from the Trump era. He would be moderate, stable, and able to unify the country. 

That is all a false front. Joe Biden has always done precisely what he needed to do to be popular enough to stay in office. Wherever the favorable political winds were blowing the Democrat party, you could always find Biden. In this way, he’s a consummate politician. But he has no ethical or ideological core. Biden stands for whomever and whatever will keep him in power. He can be molded- or pushed- into anything. 

Such opportunism is perfect for the far Left democrats. They get to run Biden as a “moderate” Democrat and hope that in November of 2020 they can fool enough voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin to vote for him. The Democrats’ hope is that those voters will be thinking “how bad can Biden be?” and just pull the lever for him out of desire for change. 

After Biden’s inauguration, the reality will set in. Those voters will have put a puppet of the political Left in place. They will have elected “blue collar Joe,” as his nickname goes, but they will end up with the radical agenda of Congressional members like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” of fellow Leftists. They will be the ones dictating the national news narrative and with it, the Democrat party agenda. If the Democrats are able to take control of the U.S. Senate as well this fall, then they will remove the filibuster and allow for simple majority vote to push through any laws they want. 

The United States government, with Biden at the top of the executive branch, would become an engine of socialism and far Left statism. And even if the Republicans are able to beat the odds and maintain a hold on the Senate, Biden would use executive orders to ram through policies that he would never otherwise be able to sell to the American people before facing them at election time. 

What would that policy agenda look like? It would be a combination of old socialist and progressive ideas that have already failed in the past, with new plans to expand the state and pursue grandiose government ambitions with junk science and irrational hubris. Here are some of the top areas one could expect Biden to pursue disastrous plans after fooling enough voters in U.S. election: 


Law and Order

Due to the social justice pressures of the Democrat-Left, the ability of the state to provide basic safety to its people would suffer under a Biden presidency. His party is overrun with anti-police sentiment that now drives a lot of the national conversation in America about “defunding” law enforcement. Democrats are officially aligned against “systemic racism,” and they generally position police as the worst offenders under this rubric. 

This is not a new concept for Democrats. Treating criminality as first and foremost a societal ill instead of threat to be limited through all available means was fashionable in leftist circles beginning in the 1960s until the 1990s. In that decade, residents of high crimes cities finally demanded aggressive policing, and urban centers like New York went from dangerous to safe (even by European standards). 

Biden would have no choice but to turn back on these lessons of the past. The activist wing of his party will demand that police receive less funding and are held to almost impossible standards of conduct. This will result in more violence across America, which will in turn hurt society at all levels. 


Green New Deal

Even Congressional Democrats under the Obama administration knew that environmental policies that are ruinous to the economy were a liability at election time. As a result, Obama had to take actions himself- through executive orders- that imposed ruinous regulations on businesses. This was all done based on predictions of the worst levels of global warming, which have not come to pass. That won’t matter. Biden will sign whatever radical climate change orders are put in front of him under the banner of the Green New Deal, no matter how disastrous and absurd. 



Democrats have a very clear priority on immigration: amnesty for millions of illegal migrants. Biden may just use an executive order here, expecting that compliant courts will rubber stamps whatever he signs his name to on this issue. If he is successful in this, it will create 11 million (many believe the estimate to be more like 20 million) new Americans who will overwhelmingly either vote Democrat themselves, or convince their families to do so. Once this happens, the Republican party will never win another national election, and America will become an open borders nation and a one party state. 


Foreign Policy interventionism 

One area where Trump receives very little credit is on foreign policy. While his North Korea diplomacy so far hasn’t worked, he has refrained from large military deployments in new countries, and wants to end America’s so-called “forever wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s in large part because Trump’s thinking is outside the mainstream of national security thinking that he holds these positions. The expert establishment in Washington, D.C. always seems to want more war. 

Biden would be a return to this mentality. A military incursion for human rights- perhaps an intervention in Syria, or the Sudan- would be a likely outcome of a Biden regime. One thing that can be said about Joe Biden- he has been reliably wrong about foreign policy for over 40 years. And ultimately a poorer, weaker America under his leadership would be unable to push back on Russian irredentism on behalf of European allies, and would be weak at countering a rapidly rising China on the world stage. 

Trump has broken many political norms, and so there is still a perception that bringing someone else into the White House would have the effect of restoring a calmer, more collaborative politics in America. But that is false. Joe Biden is just meant to win the White House this fall through a campaign that pretends he stands for things he will abandon the moment he takes office. 

Then America will be in the hands of the radicals- and that will be a bad thing for Americans, and the whole world. 


Buck Sexton is a radio host, writer, and conservative commentator. He was formerly a CIA analyst. 


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