No Cure for the MSM

In the pitched battle against COVID-19, President Donald Trump is under constant fire from a determined opponent: the mainstream media. As one reporter for the taxpayer supported Public Broadcasting Service proudly declared this weekend, among the White House press corps: “We know now that covering President Trump sometimes is like a team sport. We have to have each other's back.” MSNBC night time talk show host, Chris Hayes, apparently auditioning for team captain, took to the airwaves on Monday to complain that allowing the public to view the president’s daily Rose Garden coronavirus briefings, live and unfiltered, is “dangerous from a public health perspective.”

The tight knit press gang has blasted Trump for his swift action halting flights from China from whence the coronavirus came. They’ve blitzed him as “xenophobic” for daring to protect America’s borders. They’ve branded him a “racist” for calling the frightening new menace the “Wuhan virus,” as many themselves have done.

The result: three new polls show Trump’s approval ratings have never been higher. A stunned Los Angeles Times reports, “For only the second time in his presidency, Gallup found more Americans approving (49%) than disapproving (45%) of his job performance. Some 60% gave him positive reviews for his handling of the pandemic.” Moreover, Trump is closing the gap with his likely 2020 election Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. According to Politico, “the polls suggest a slightly larger-than-usual slice of Democratic-leaning and independent voters are telling pollsters they now approve of the job Trump is doing as president.”

Despite the media’s best efforts, Trump remains undaunted. As ever, he is lucky in his enemies.


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