Health Care Trumps All

In the November 2018 midterm elections, Democrats swayed moderate voters and reclaimed the majority in the House of Representatives by promising to fix the American health care system. The newly ascendant House majority promptly dove into impeaching President Donald Trump over a phone call with Ukraine. They succeeded in putting the “impeachment” asterisk on Trump’s presidency, but, ultimately, failed to remove their nemesis from office. In the process, Trump’s approval ratings went up, and his base became supercharged.

Now, health care is, once again, as it has been for umpteen election cycles, the top issue for American voters. New polling data by The Hill newspaper finds that, “Health care remains the top concern for voters, even more so than a year ago.” With the coronavirus sweeping across borders, access to affordable and reliable health care has become even more urgent. And despite the constant drumbeat in the mainstream press, global warming remains a distant thought for a majority of voters, with only 8% naming “climate change” as their number one issue.

Surprisingly, despite Greta Thunberg’s apocalyptic activism, abetted by the United Nations New York headquarters which gave the Swedish teen a global platform to frighten and mobilize American youth to her doomsday cause, “Younger voters were more likely to name the economy as their top issue than older voters.”

Post Super Tuesday, the question remains: Will the Democratic Party exalt their hot tempered left wing, exemplified by the Bronx hurricane, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or will they steer their ship to calmer waters to harvest centrist and moderate voters? The battle for Democratic hearts and minds has only just begun.



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