Trump’s Surprising Support

Lifelong Democrat and America’s first black billionaire, Robert Johnson, is betting, if not voting, on President Donald Trump winning re-election next year. The black entertainment media mogul tells CNBC, “If you take a snapshot today [of the current Democratic line up], I don’t think that group is capable of beating Trump.”

A new trio of public opinion polls suggests a growing number of black voters agree. Two weeks ago, Emerson College set Republican hearts a flutter with the surprising finding that over one third of black registered voters approve of Trump. Rasmussen Reports, the most accurate predictor of the 2016 results, has similarly giddy findings of 34%. And, now, despite the Democratic party’s best efforts to denounce Trump as self evidently racist, the left leaning National Public Radio and PBS outlets find 33% support among non-white adults.

Since 1976, GOP presidential contenders have received, on average, just 10% of the black vote. George Bush earned 8% in 2000 and 11% in 2004. John McCain and Mitt Romney earned 4% and 6%, respectively, against political phenomenon Barack Obama, America’s first black president. In 2016, Trump squeaked out 8% among black voters who made up 12% of the electorate and a crucial base of Democratic support.

Back then, Trump, an untested political outsider, asked, “What the hell do you have to lose?” Now, the first term president promises to “campaign for every last African American vote.” Trump hopes his economic record that includes historically low black unemployment will convince voters what they have to gain.


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