Trump’s Shock and Awe

Democrats may have President Donald Trump on the impeachment ropes in Washington, DC, but outside of the Beltway, Trump is the 800-pound orange gorilla smashing fundraising records.

Trump and the Republican National Committee have already raked in $300 million this year for the president’s re-election coffers. As Politico reports, the kingly sum is more than any other sitting president in history has raised at this point in a re-election campaign.

Shockingly, Trump and the GOP are spending from a war chest nearly twice as big as the lionized Barack Obama and his cohorts were able to amass, this time, four years ago.

With the Democratic field still splintered across more than a dozen candidates, and the first primary still four months away, impeachment mania is the party’s main unifying cause. But it may be serving to unify their red, MAGA-capped opponents, as well. Between July and September, Trump added 313,000 new donors to his campaign rolls.

Laura Edelson, a researcher at New York University who tracks political advertising on Facebook, tells a clearly rattled New York Times that the president’s aggressive online marketing, “is like a supercar racing a little Volkswagen Bug.” And like the sentimental hippy roadster, many Democrats fear their 2020 presidential line up is too old, too Left, or both.

Colorado senator and floundering presidential candidate Michael Bennett blames social media. Watching last week’s primary debate in Ohio from an Embassy Suites hotel room in Iowa, the soon to be forgotten contender told Politico, “this political Twitter market can never bear too much; the more extreme you are, the more rewarded you are.”

The two term senator wonders, “Can any of these people beat Trump?”


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