The Deep State Strikes Back!

“They’re cheating. They’re not supposed to be doing this.” Michael Ledeen, American historian and former consultant to the National Security Council, is blunt. He tells Die Weltwoche that the famed and feared Central Intelligence Agency is “supposed to be investigating espionage” — not digging up dirt on the president of the United States.

Nevertheless, the spooks at Langley have had their sticky paws on President Trump since before he was elected.

Leading up to the 2016 election, then-CIA Director John Brennan was furiously peddling the infamously salacious and unverified “Steele Dossier” that accused Trump of cavorting with prostitutes and colluding with Russians. Brennan waved the tantalizing opposition research under then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s twitchy nose. The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee testifies that Brennan never shared his incriminating intel with him or the House Republican’s top dog.

Fast forward to 2019 and Trump’s current impeachment pickle. An anonymous CIA agent has blown the whistle on shocking stories he’s heard from “government officials” about Trump’s chin wag with the president of Ukraine. The CIA operative insists that Trump’s Oval Office overture over did it and was a breach of basic ethics and, possibly, serious laws.

We also learn that the CIA's top lawyer threw her weight behind the impeachment drive. NBC News reports that Courtney Simmons Elwood made, “what she considered to be a criminal referral… that President Donald Trump abused his office.”

Which all begs the question: Why is an agency designated to spy on foreign entities embroiled in so many schemes against the entity on 1600 Pennsylvania?

Ledeen tells Die Weltwoche, “The Deep State is real. They’ve been trying to stop Trump all along.”


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