Hillary’s Permanent Campaign

She’s back! Just in time for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, twice failed presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton is hitting the airwaves to promote her new book with daughter, Chelsea Clinton, “The Book of Gutsy Women.” So far, her high profile book launch has been less about gutsy women than spilled guts over 2016.

Monday night, appearing on a late night gab fest, Clinton, who’s 2016 bid was plagued by accusations of chronic dishonesty, snarked that Trump is “a president who doesn’t listen to anybody and doesn’t follow instructions whatsoever.”

The former Secretary of State slammed her current counterpart, Mike Pompeo, for failing to rein in his boss, the Commander in Chief in the Ukraine affair.

Meanwhile, it emerged over the weekend that the investigation into Clinton’s improper use of a private email server to conduct official diplomacy as well as convey classified information is still ongoing. Her defenders see a Trump conspiracy behind the three and half year State Department inquiry that began under his predecessor, President Obama.

Undaunted, the Democrat is eagerly wading into the impeachment controversy engulfing her rival. Still smarting from her 2016 loss to the former real estate mogul and reality TV star, Clinton bitterly tells CBS News that Trump is an “illegitimate president.” She describes the crushing disappointment of winning the popular vote but losing the crucial Electoral College, “like applying for a job and getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

Some see Clinton’s aggressive return to the national spotlight as a precursor to a possible 2020 rematch — a possibility that would no doubt delight Donald Trump.


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