Loose Lips

More bombshells hit the nation’s capital.

More bombshells hit the nation’s capital, starting with a report by the online magazine Buzzfeed that President Trump’s nemesis, special counsel Robert Mueller, has indisputable evidence that the president personally instructed long time crony Michael Cohen to lie in sworn testimony to Congress.

A potentially impeachable offense, the Washington media bubble and many Swiss media erupted on the news, giddy that, “if true”, this, finally, would bring down the hated Orange One.

“If true” turn out to be key words. Almost immediately, the special counsel issued a statement, the first of its kind, disputing the alleged “scoop” cautioning, “BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the special counsel’s office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony are not accurate.”

Buzzfeed stands by its sources, although one of its reporters admits that he has not seen the allegedly incriminating evidence. Cohen, who faces up to three years in jail, is set to testify before Congress, again, February 7th.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blames White House “riffraff” for Trump’s current quandaries. In a book due out next week, the former Trump campaign surrogate gets personal. He calls former national security adviser General Michal Flynn “the Russian lackey and future federal felon”; former Attorney General Jeff Sessions “not ready for prime time”; and former White House gadfly Omarosa an “Apprentice show loser.”

Christie, who was fired as Trump’s transition chief, charges that “Steve Bannon, Rick Dearborn, Jared Kushner and others for their own selfish reasons, got rid of the guidance that would have made their candidate an immensely more effective president.”

Sour grapes make for delicious reading.



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