Detective Trump

Every ten years by Constitutional decree, the United States government is required to do a complete head count of every person legally or illegally residing in the United States. The number of Congressional districts, Congressional House members, federal grant money, and a slew of other governmental goodies depend on the detailed demographic report. To the horror of his political opponents, President Trump wants to include one simple question to the door-to-door survey: “Are you an American citizen?”

On Monday, at a press conference in San Francisco, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of using the citizenship question to “make America white again.” Fearful that illegal immigrants will refuse to participate if they are asked their citizenship status, the Democratic leader charged that Trump “want[s] to make sure that people, certain people” — white people — “are counted.”

Many observers were baffled by her implication that only white people are US citizens. According to the last census in 2010, non-whites make up roughly 40% of the total US population — a number that is steadily growing.

Meanwhile, a new Economist magazine poll this week finds that a majority wants to know the citizenship answer.

Trump faces legal hurdles and a time crunch to slide the question in before the survey hits the government presses. However, he’s calling reports of the citizenship question’s demise “FAKE!” Attorney General Bill Barr announced this week that he has determined “a pathway” to squeeze it in.

Trump the disruptor in chief promises, “We are absolutely moving forward, as we must, because of the importance of the answer to this question” — a mystery that the #Resistance does not want solved.


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