Creaky Joe

Establishment Democrats are starting to worry that President Trump might be right. Sleepy Joe Biden needs to wake up if he wants to win the Democratic nomination.

Last week on the NBC News debate stage, a record breaking 18.1 million eager viewers tuned in to see the 76 year old former vice president get his gleaming, white, capped teeth knocked out by Senate scrapper Kamala Harris. The former California attorney general clobbered Biden over his decades old opposition to school busing in the 1970’s designed, at the time, to desegregate American public schools. Clearly rattled, Biden stuttered and spluttered and after the two hour ordeal was over, quickly ducked out of the auditorium skipping the usual post-debate glad handing with reporters. Not that it would have made a difference.

A new CNN poll out this week shows that Harris’s well rehearsed debate punch landed. Biden’s support among Democratic voters has plunged while Harris is surging. In the 24 hours following her commanding performance, Harris raised $2 million in campaign donations, 58% from dazzled first time donors.

Compounding Biden’s woes, Harris, who is half Jamaican and half Indian, is now outpacing former President Obama’s wing man in winning endorsements from the powerful Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Florida Democrat and CBC member Frederica Wilson tells The Hill newspaper that, last week, the world saw a “formidable candidate” — “a female Barack Obama.”

Biden still leads his two dozen Democratic rivals, and the first Iowa caucus is seven long months away. But as CNN warns, he “may not be the race’s front runner for much longer.”

What should worry him the most?: If Trump invents a catchy new nickname for Harris.


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