Trump’s Birthday Party

Americans love to hate the French. We love reminding our champagne sipping, snail eating, pinky raised connoisseurs of haute couture and wedding cake architecture that it was American grit, blood, and sacrifice that liberated the European continent from the psychotic German war machine not once, but twice. If not for us, our Gallic cousins would be eating cold bratwurst and drinking warm Gewurztraminer while listening to Wagner on state radio. Mon dieu!

We also love to be loved by the French. When French President Emanuel Macron cannily rolled out the rouge carpet for newly elected President Donald J. Trump, the leader of the free world swooned like an American college girl experiencing her first time at the Louvre. That July 2017 summer of seduction convinced the New York billionaire to mount his own magnificent, red, white and blue pageant of patriotism.

Next week, it’s finally happening.

On July 4th, the birthday of America’s independence, Trump plans to address his fellow citizens from the white, limestone steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Typically, presidents stay tucked away with family, friends, and friendly lobbyists on the White House balcony. Not this time.

Military jets will fly overhead. Two fireworks companies plan to ignite the largest and longest fireworks display ever seen in the US capital since the British sacked the White House in 1812.

Democrats are, of course, annoyed. Some are calling the extravaganza “fascist.” Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico complains it’s “a de facto political rally."

Trump is calling it a “Salute to America.” He promises it’s going to be huge — like nothing you’ve ever seen. Magnifique!


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