Senate Showdown

“In this world, there's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You: dig.” — Clint Eastwood, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Cue the iconic, two note, coyote whistle. It’s high noon on Capitol Hill. Eyes squinting behind wire rimmed spectacles, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell has declared a showdown. Next week, the stoic 77 year old leader of the United States Senate intends to force his Democratic opponents to put up, or vote down, $4.5 billion dollars to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border.

The master Senate tactician is making the choice as clear as two fingers of Kentucky bourbon, neat: $3.3 billion in humanitarian aid; More than one billion$ for border operations; not a single, silver, Treasury-minted dime for President Trump’s wall.

With a wry drawl, McConnell told Fox News on Monday, “I think it safe to say the president is getting more cooperation out of Mexico than he is out of congressional Democrats.”

While the Democratic posse stews over McConnell’s ultimatum, their rank and file actually support toughening up the border. Fox News finds that 56% of Hillary Clinton supporters favor tightening border security.

Last week, Die Weltwoche’s foreign editor Urs Gehriger traveled to the US-Mexico border to observe, first hand, the roiling migrant crisis. His eyewitness report of migrants from the African Congo languishing in San Antonio, Texas made national headlines.

Texas Senator John Cornyn is out of patience. The Republican leader and former federal judge declares there is “absolutely no justification whatsoever for Congress to sit on the sidelines and watch as this crisis continues to unfold.” Next week, Democrats have the opportunity to stop digging.


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