Guess That Political Party

Guess who said it:

“The free market system that we have is one of the things that has made this a great country and we need to preserve it... Maintain our commitment to the free market, free enterprise, capitalist system.”

“Trying to appease those voices on the left — that’s not where the American people are.”

“The American people just want Congress to get to work and work with the president.”

Classic, red state, Republican red meat? Trump on the stump plumping for votes? Right wing morning chatter on “Fox and Friends”? Hang on to your MAGA hat: None of the above. Behold the proclamations of Utah Democrat Ben McAdams on the Fox Business network attempting to wrest control of his party from the clutches of its wild eyed, radical, green dealing newcomers.

A member of the New Democratic Caucus in the House, the western politician complains that, “If you watched some of the news coverage, you’d think there were only three new members of Congress.” In fact, these self identified moderates outnumber their nosy, progressive brethren in the lower chamber 101 to 96. Among the party at large, 51% identify as liberal, 34% call themselves moderates, and a surprising 13% still embrace the conservative label.

Polling guru Nate Silver’s 538 reports that the House centrists “are not particularly excited about single-payer health care, the Green New Deal or other lefty stances.” While the Democratic presidential candidates crank up the left wing volume and joust for the spotlight, the low key, New Democratic Caucus maintains a steady hum.


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