Kinder, Gentler Trump

On the world stage, President Trump is mercilessly wielding his awesome might. From the recalcitrant Chinese to the restive Iranian mullahs, the American Commander in Chief is deploying his economic and military arsenal to bring his opponents to heel.

But, here at home, @realDonaldTrump is showing his kinder, gentler side.

Monday night, POTUS went on a Twitter streak to share his vision of making America great from the Florida Everglades to the moon and beyond.

Trump announced that “we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars.” He promised to add $1.6 billion to his 2020 budget “so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!”

There was more. Trump declared that with a $300 million investment, “We must protect our Great Lakes, keeping them clean and beautiful for future generations.”

He wasn’t done. Trump chided Congress to allocate $200 million “to help us complete the world’s largest intergovernmental watershed restoration project ASAP!” in the Florida Everglades.

And he gave a special, $18 million shout out to “our GREAT @SpecialOlympics, whose athletes inspire us and make our Nation so PROUD!”

In March, Trump offered a $4.7 trillion budget blueprint for 2020 that cut government spending across the board.

Jeff Ballabon, a 2020 Trump campaign advisor, tells IW that the New York native enjoys revealing his softer side, but “he has no Karl Rove” to do battle against an implacably hostile media. So, “he’s been forced to take the battle to the media himself, pivoting from good cop to bad cop.”

Right now, with his approval rating on the economy at 56%, Trump appears to be enjoying being the town sheriff.

"Abonnieren Sie die Weltwoche und bilden Sie sich weiter"

Alex Baur, Redaktor


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