Mueller’s Slap in the Face

The Foundational Theory of the Mueller Probe Was a Lie.

President Donald Trump did not conspire with the Russians to cheat in the 2016 American election. There are many conclusions one can draw from the recently released report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but the absence of so-called “Russia collusion” between President Trump, his campaign, and the Russian Federation is by far the most important revelation. Cynical attempts in the American media to shift the narrative to obstruction cannot be allowed to obscure this critical fact. It is time for a reckoning.

For over two years, the media was rife with insinuations (and sometimes outright accusations) that President Trump was guilty of treason. Night after night, news anchors at major networks like CNN would turn to an expert guest or panel for “analysis” to hear the position that President Trump had betrayed his country and was an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief. European media outlets generally echoed and magnified these sentiments across the Atlantic. It is hard to overstate the damage that this lie did to Trump’s presidency, and it was a slap-in-the-face to the nearly 63 million American who voted for him.

Within the United States, this narrative of “collusion”” turned the bitterness of the partisan divide absolutely toxic. Critical government institutions like the Department of Justice were brazenly politicized. Former Intelligence Chiefs like John Brennan and James Clapper went on national television to declare that the President of the United States committed acts “nothing short of treasonous” and that he was psychologically unfit for office. There are, to this day, serious reports that senior government officials considered invoking the 25th Amendment to the American Constitution to remove Trump from office. The anti-Trump Left became so crazy, they decided Trump must be crazy.

All of this hysteria was unjustified, and much of it bordered on the insane. As we now know from the exhaustively thorough Mueller report, the entire premise of Russia-Trump collusion was false. There was no conspiracy with Russia. Neither President Trump, nor his campaign, violated any law to work with Russian agents of intermediaries to defeat Hillary Clinton. The collusion that the Democratic Party and their media allies had promised to unearth was a myth.

Instead of taking this as a learning experience and a cautionary tale, now the anti-Trump opposition has merely shifted the outrage narrative. It is not collusion that worries them anymore- it’s obstruction. While Special Counsel Mueller did not establish that a crime of obstruction was committed in his report, he also “could not exonerate” the President. Mueller’s transparently political position was an abandonment of prosecutorial ethics. It is the job of the prosecutor to say whether a crime occurred, not to smear the accused through innuendo and then leave the final decision to someone else.

Those who despise President Trump- and they are legion- now leap on the process crime of obstruction in place of their previous battle cry of “collusion.” This is changing the rules of the game as they play. There would never have been an investigation to obstruct were it not for the initial conspiracy theory about Russia collusion. Moreover, Mueller’s own report does not claim that any actual obstruction occurred. The President did not fire Robert Mueller, or his previous Attorney General Jess Sessions, to stop the Special Counsel probe. That some journalists and pundits have already moved to “willingness to obstruct” as their latest objection is proof of the weakness of the case.

Simply put, the willingness of so many Trump detractors to skip over the monumentally important finding of “no collusion” and make the case against Trump about something else shows that this was an investigation of a man and not a crime. The process was the punishment, which is why the anti-Trump Left wants to drag it out even further. There will be Congressional hearings and perhaps even an impeachment vote, but it will be obvious to any honest observer that this is politics masquerading as Constitutional oversight.

President Trump is far from a perfect leader. His supporters elected him with full knowledge of his personal shortcomings. But he is not a traitor, Russian asset, or illegitimate president. Trump’s harshest critics have self-immolated their credibility on the question of Russia collusion. And their continued dishonesty around the Special Counsel probe’s findings may, ironically, help deliver Donald J. Trump four more years as President of the United States.



Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton) is co-host of Hill.TV's "Rising" and host of the nationally syndicated "The Buck Sexton Show” on radio and podcast. His program is heard on over 120 stations across the US, and Buck has been a frequent guest host for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Formerly, Buck was a CIA analyst in the Counterterrorism Center and the Office of Iraq Analysis, and served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also worked in the NYPD Intelligence Division on counterterrorism cases.

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Alex Baur, Redaktor


Michael Hartmann

26.04.2019|08:41 Uhr

Neither President Trump, nor his campaign, violated any law to work with Russian agents of intermediaries to defeat Hillary Clinton. ??? Let's listen to Don McGahn. And let us see the deleted Hannity pro-wikileaks tweets! Ask for them, Buck.

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