Russia Fatigue

Fortunately for legendary actor and proud Resistance leader Robert DeNiro, he still has the “Saturday Night Live” comedy stage to act out his fantasy of handcuffing an orange jumpsuit-clad President Trump and throwing away the key.

Fortunately for the rest of collusion fatigued America, Democratic leaders are turning the impeachment dial. According to Fox News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a “spirited” 87-minute conference call on Monday with more than 170 of her colleagues to deliver the sad programming news: impeachment is not in the Democratic spring line up.

Among the top tier, 2020 presidential candidates vying to depose the Orange One, so far, only Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are calling for Trump’s immediate ouster. Warren and Harris are also currently polling in the single digits in the primary field.

Among the general American audience, impeachment has never been a crowd pleaser. A new Morning Consult poll finds that nearly half of voters oppose it. Even among Democrats, enthusiasm for a thrilling, revenge filled ending to the Russia saga, while still high, has been steadily waning.

CNN anchor Allyson Camerota confessed two, long summers ago that she was exhausted with the ordeal. “I hear your Russia fatigue,” she told her audience. “And I share it. There are many mornings I come in and pray for other news to eclipse any sort of Russia thread.”

God willing, two, long years later, Camerota’s prayers have finally been answered, and CNN and MSNBC’s recent plummeting ratings are a sign from above. They are definitely a sign from America’s collective couch: the only gruesome political beheadings Americans are clamoring to watch are Sunday nights on “Game of Thrones.”


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