Creepy Uncle Joe

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce his candidacy for US president any day, now. But first, the proud everyman from Scranton, Pennsylvania has some explaining to do about his treatment of women. Not specific women. Women in general.

The 76 year old has been photographed and video taped over his nearly five decades in public office touching, squeezing, kissing, nuzzling, hugging, caressing, and generally manhandling countless women and girls at public events. And the targets of his excessive affections often appear to be acutely uncomfortable.

One woman is speaking out. In an essay for The Cut, Lucy Flores recounts her experience with “Uncle Joe” at a 2014 Democratic campaign event. She describes Obama’s second in command sneaking up behind her, grabbing her shoulders, burying his face in her hair, breathing in deeply, and planting a big, wet kiss on her head — just as she is about to go on stage as a candidate for the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Biden says he doesn’t remember the encounter, but applauds her speaking her truth.

Inside Washington asked Tweeters: Is Biden’s gropey behavior disqualifying? Susan Knowles, a former family law attorney and conservative journalist, says: “If it’s sexual harassment in one place, it’s sexual harassment in another.” Joan Walsh, a progressive writer for The Nation magazine, attacks the questioner: “I think Vice President Biden's behavior raises some questions in this modern era but "Groper Joe"? Why even pretend to be ‘non-partisan.’ That's gross, Amy.”

The New York Times warns that Biden’s gross, habitual handsiness is “a quickly growing crisis for his likely presidential bid.”

Can he contain it?

More importantly, can he contain himself?


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