The real scandal in the USA

The report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is due any day. It’s already been telegraphed by former key officials that there was NO COLLUSION. As more evidence comes to light now, we see the entire “case” against President Trump was concocted by operatives in the Democratic party using their counterparts inside the highest positions of our government. Let’s look back at some facts our major media has ignored.

Since he was elected, for more than two years, the President of the United States and the country writ large, have been embroiled in the biggest scandal in our history. We have been told relentlessly that President Trump was “colluding with Russia.” Our now disgraced and fired-for-lying former Assistant Director of the FBI even claimed Mr. Trump was a Russian agent.

These criminal aspersions and resulting investigations have had a tremendous divisive effect on the entire country, cost countless tax dollars, expended immeasurable energy, and pitted family members against each other in ways not seen since our Civil War.

But the scandal is not what our media claims it is.

The report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his massive team of Hillary Clinton affiliates is due any day. It’s already been telegraphed by former Defense Intelligence Agency head James Clapper and others that there is NO COLLUSION. Mueller’s report will either be very short and clear Carter Page and President Trump, or it will read like a creative writing exercise—and still have to admit there is no criminal conduct. That’s why the Democrats are moving on to other “investigations.”

The full truth is shocking. As more actual evidence comes to light now—almost daily—we see the entire “case” against President Trump was concocted by operatives in our Democratic/Socialist party using their counterparts inside the highest positions of our government in the White House, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and with the help of “friends” in foreign intelligence overseas. 

Michael Cohen, the President’s former lawyer and touted “Fixer,” was supposed to have had “bombshell” testimony for Congressman Adam Schiff’s committee hearing last week. The bomb proved a dud from the Democrat’s perspective. Michael Cohen just testified unequivocally he had “no evidence” of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia. There is not even evidence that Putin has blackmail material on Trump.

In 2016, the FBI obtained super-secret and intrusive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Warrants against at least four members of the Trump campaign—Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, and General Michael Flynn—based on the “Steele dossier.” It alleged as a verifiable fact that Michael Cohen was in Prague at a certain time. However, Michael Cohen has now undisputedly rebuked any notion that he has ever been in Prague and verified that with his passport.

We now know from former Director Comey himself that there was never any evidence of Trump wrongdoing—even when the case was passed to Mr. Mueller. Remarkably, none of the high-ranking government officials who signed the “verified” warrant applications even read them. No one has admitted writing them.

How did this even happen??

Let’s look back at some irrefutable facts our major media has ignored.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President with his famous ride down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York on June 15, 2015. By mid-2016, he had taken the lead in our primaries and emerged as the Republican candidate for President.

By late 2016, National Security Administration Admiral Mike Rogers discovered a problem and spike in certain usage in the NSA system and reported it to the court which oversees it. In 2017, the Chief Judge of the FISA court issued a 99-page decision that is now in the public domain. Although heavily redacted to protect national security, we can readily discern that our fired and disgraced FBI Director James Comey gave illegal access to our National Security Administration database to three private contractors as far back as 2015. This database houses raw intelligence and data that these contractors were able to search for information on hundreds of millions of people.

I’ve publicly and repeatedly deduced that one of those private contractors was FusionGPS—the Democratic smear company hired by the Perkins Coie law firm. There is now reason to believe that FusionGPS in particular was mining the NSA database for political opposition research, providing it to Democratic operatives and even the White House where one spouse of a FusionGPS partner worked. That lead to the “unmasking” of names of Americans and other violations of our 4th Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure and that information was distributed into President Obama’s daily briefing and shared widely throughout his administration.

Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Barack Obama’s Political Action Committee paid Perkins Coie more than a total of twelve million dollars apparently to manage the entire Russia Collusion operation. In late 2015, FusionGPS hired Nellie Ohr — who was already working with the CIA. 

Nellie Ohr is not just any fluent-in-Russian, long-time CIA insider; she is the wife of Bruce Ohr, who at the time was fourth in command of the Department of Justice. Coincidentally, she obtained a ham radio license for off-the-grid communications also. I’d bet money Nellie Ohr was mining the NSA database for political opposition research—especially to create the “Steele dossier,” and that’s how the wrong Michael Cohen was reported as being in Prague at the same time as a key Russian figure from the Kremlin.

Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussman, even managed to provide a thumb drive of information for the “dossier” directly to FBI general counsel James Baker—who was also compelled to leave the FBI and admit this rather damning fact in congressional testimony. Wonder where Mr. Sussman got his information?

FusionGPS hired Christopher Steele, the former British spy who supposedly had numerous Russia connections and produced all these allegations about Mr. Trump. Remarkably, at the same time, the FBI and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska were also paying Christopher Steele—and by the way—Steele told Department of Justice friend Bruce Ohr, Nellie’s husband, that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected.” Ohr shared that extremely important information with multiple people at the FBI but somehow it did not make it into the applications for the warrants against the American citizens through the FISA court.

Bruce Ohr also provided a thumb drive of information from Nellie to the FBI—again highly unorthodox and contrary to all protocol—not to mention he has admitted under oath now that he ran a secret back-channel between Christopher Steele, the FBI, and the Department of Justice after the FBI fired Steele as an informant because he lied to them. 

Ohr has now been demoted twice in DOJ. He may be remaining only long enough to help with the internal Inspector General investigation of the Department’s conduct—an investigation we really need.

Meanwhile, FusionGPS was also paying media outlets to print stories it crafted to promote its lies, and the FBI used those same false stories to buttress its own in the warrants.

The Democrats even raised $50 million almost overnight to fund a continuation of these lies through Senator Diane Feinstein’s former Chief of Staff Doug Jones new Washington smear shop Penn Quarter—so it hired FusionGPS to continue after the election.

Tom Clancy couldn’t make this up! But wait, there’s more!

Bruce Ohr fed all the information from Nellie and Steele to two people in Department of Justice who never should have received it or been involved in any way, and both became high-ranking members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel operation: Andrew Weissmann and Zainab Ahmad. 

Weissmann is implicated in all kinds of wrongdoing. His fingerprints are all over prosecutorial misconduct detailed in my book LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. He destroyed the venerable accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP and its 85,000 jobs world-wide only to be reversed by a unanimous Supreme Court because he made up a crime and took all criminal intent out of the jury instructions.

Then he sent four innocent Merrill Lynch executives to prison on another made up crime while he hid the evidence that showed they were innocent. One went to a maximum-security federal transfer facility with the worst of the worst. I represented on appeal a Merrill Lynch executive who had tried to persuade his colleagues not to complete the deal with Enron. He thought it was too risky. My client served a year in prison. We could not even get these highly regarded executives bail pending their appeals despite the fact the prosecution was literally made-up, unprecedented, and Weissmann and his prosecutors had criminalized an innocent business transaction.

Now Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff has announced his next “bombshell” witness against President Trump is Felix Sater. Remarkably, we expect Mr. Sater to “bomb out” too. Aside from the fact that Mueller & Co. have already talked to Mr. Sater and still found no “collusion,” apparently, Mr. Schiff doesn’t know Mr. Sater has been a pawn of Andrew Weissmann, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and others of the cabal from the Eastern District of New York’s United States Attorney’s office for two decades. Mr. Sater is a convicted fraudster whom the federal prosecutors protected on a secret docket and put back out on the street to commit more frauds. 

With Democrat/Socialists in the majority in our House of Representatives for two more years, we expect more circus-like wasteful Congressional investigations, more innuendo and baseless allegations, and relentless harassment of this President. 

What I’ve come to realize—after decades of willful blindness to politics—is that we have had only one political establishment. Long ago that uni-party sold out the interests of American citizens for those of big-money interests in banking, global corporations, media, military-industrial, and other conglomerates. 

Donald Trump is an existential threat to all of them. 

The damage to our election was not from Russia but from the corrupt people in our own government, media, Democratic party, tech companies, and others who are part of this conspiracy to frame Donald Trump.

Trump’s election exposes the socialists’ and globalists’ hatred for real hard-working Americans and reveals the Left’s perverse agenda for exactly what it is—their own greed and self-interest—at the expense of everything on which our great nation was founded. 

We are in a fight for the soul and future of this Republic. 

If we are to restore our country built on the Rule of Law—applied equally to everyone regardless of party, power, or privilege, then the people who were and still are in our government who framed innocent people, manipulated the system, manufactured “evidence,” and lied to courts, will have to be exposed, fired, and held accountable under the law. Our very future and our individual freedoms depend upon it.

No President should ever have to endure what President Trump has. The United States of America must reclaim its place as the eternal flame of freedom and capitalism in the world. 

Sidney Powell was a federal prosecutor and appellate section chief for ten years under nine United States Attorneys in the Department of Justice from both political parties. She served as lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals and is author of “LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” — a non-fiction 5-star legal thriller that is now a national best-seller. She frequently appears on radio and television although she is a practicing attorney.


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