Mr. Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor to the president and fiercely loyal Trump defender, insists her professional and personal lives have never been better.

That was before her husband George Conway, conservative super lawyer, told Yahoo News last week, “The administration is like a shit show in a dumpster fire.”

(In the interest of full disclosure, one of the Conway’s earliest dates was at a Christmas bash co-hosted by Inside Washington.)

George admits his wife is irritated by his public attacks on her boss, but explains “I've told her that I don't like the administration, so it's even.”

George was once an ardent admirer of President Trump. The night of the 2016 presidential election, George was so overcome he was literally weeping with joy. He applauds his wife and mother of their four children for Trump’s astonishing victory. “He was in the crapper when she took that campaign over.” Given the choice today, however, George “would probably move to Australia.”

It started with tweets. In February, alone, George fired off over 100 Twitter missives blasting POTUS who George, now, refuses to categorize as “stable.”

After leaving the Republican Party in March, which he believes is in the grip of a “personality cult”, George has escalated his verbal war by organizing a group of conservative lawyers called “Checks and Balances.”

Trump dismisses George as a non-entity, recently dubbing him “Mr. Kellyanne Conway.”

Kellyanne, for her part, has said her husband's conduct is “disrespectful” to her, personally.

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