Becoming Michelle

Just in time for Christmas, Michelle Obama’s hotly anticipated, 400 page memoir “Becoming” arrives!

Just in time for Christmas, Michelle Obama’s hotly anticipated, 400 page memoir “Becoming” arrives!

To kick off the whirlwind book tour, this week, America’s Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey is hosting the former First Lady in Chicago at a sold out event at the United Center stadium. Tickets for the glamour girls’ night run as high as $2,750, each.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson has traveled a long way from her middle class roots on Euclid Avenue on Chicago’s South Side. From the flagstone paths of Princeton and Harvard University to the dazzling floodlights of the world stage, the mega-millionaire, former Chicago lawyer offers up juicy confessions and political reflections.

On finally letting down her guard with the smooth and swaggering 28 year old Barack Obama: Michelle felt a “toppling blast of lust.” She assures her fans the lust “is still there” after 26 years of marriage.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama whisperers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett coached her to soften a public image that was dangerously becoming “some sort of pissed off harpy.”

She will never forgive Donald Trump for “deliberately” stirring up “the wingnuts and kooks” with his bogus Kenya birthplace accusations against her husband.

Will she forgive Americans for reacting to the Obama’s historic political ascension with, in her view, a “reactionary sense of fear and resentment… The hatred old and deep and dangerous as ever”?

For $19.50, a gleaming Michelle Obama on the front cover invites you to find out!


Carlos Wotzkow

22.11.2018|11:44 Uhr

Isn't funny that the wife of the community organizer who cares a lot about the poor and who promoted the wealth distribution is today nothing but another multimillionaire of the 1%? Not even free I will read that exercise of demagogy.

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